Floor Systems - Other Products


FIXA Polyethylene Backer Rod

Description: Closed cell structured, polyethylene (PE) based backer rod, used in adjusting joint depth. Application Areas: Supporting the filler chemical used in joint and dilatation isolation, As joint filler in junctions of structural members such as doors and windows with the wall, To...


POLIMIX Polypropylene Fiber

Description: Polypropylene based fiber, resistant to acids and alkaline, produced especially for concrete and mortars to reduce the cracking of concrete. Application Areas: Field Concrete: Industrial floors, parking garages, hangar floors, airports, Machinery foundations exposed to...


STEELMIX Steel Wire for Concrete Reinforcement

Description: Low-carbon steel wire, produced by cold drawing method, especially for concrete, which provides high flexural and impact strength in concrete. Application Areas: All types of open and closed field floor concrete, Prefabricated elements, concrete pipes, Shotcrete...