Product Code: 90220


Epoxy resin based; solvent free, double component, low viscosity epoxy impregnation surface primer and penetration material. Can be used as primer under epoxy and polyurethane based floor coatings and paints for impregnation or can be used alone to prevent the dusting of the concrete.

Application Areas:

  • Indoor and outdoor,
  • As a primer under the coatings in hygienic environments such as hospitals and laboratories, in food, medicine, dyestuff industries, printing houses, industrial kitchens, airplane maintenance hangars, factories, places where heavy forklift trucks are used, water purification facilities, places exposed to chemical corrosion, warehouses, terminals, shopping malls, schools and parking garages,
  • Under the coating on dusting concretes,
  • Under REPOX epoxy based floor coatings,
  • As a primer under POLAN polyurethane based floor coatings.