AQUALONSurface Protector and Water Repellent


Product Code: 5 lt:65005 17 lt:65017

Bayındırlık Poz No: 04.472/3


Silicone based, solventborne colorless surface protector and water repellent which prevents rainwater to flow in, by penetrating underneath the surface.

Application Areas:

  • Exterior facades of buildings, vertical surfaces
  • Semi absorbent surfaces such as concrete, plaster, slate stone
  • Absorbent surfaces such as brick, gas concrete, travertine, natural stone
  • Restoring and protecting historical buildings from weather conditions.


  • Easy to apply with a brush, roller or a gun
  • Keeps the surface dry and clean by repelling water due to the silicone it contains
  • Transparent, perfect material on surfaces where original appearance is required to be protected
  • The surface washes itself with the rain water due to its fast water repellent property
  • Penetrates the surface very well, does not generate any layer on the surface
  • Does not prevent the surface to breathe
  • Alkaline and UV resistant
  • Reduces heat loss by keeping the walls dry
  • Prevents the surface from discoloring
  • Prevents dusting.


200 - 600 g/m2 (Consumption may increase on surfaces where the water absorption is high.)


5 L and 17 L tin cans

Technical Properties:

Technical Properties