POLAN A Polyurethane Floor Primer


Product Code: 4 kg: 57004, 15 kg: 57015


Polyurethane based, single component, solventborne, transparent and ready to use primer which dries fast and is developed for rough and absorbent surfaces. It forms a middle layer to provide the coating adhere better.

Application Areas:

  • Indoor and outdoor, 
  • On concrete, plaster and absorbent surfaces, 
  • As a primer prior to the coating on highly uneven or damp surfaces, 
  • As an adherance increasing primer on floors, under polyurethane, MS or hybrid based waterproofing materials, floor coverings and top coat paints, 
  • Surfaces with PVC, EPDM, bitumen and other polymeric membranes, 
  • As a primer for polyurethane based parquet adhesive, 
  • Fixing the dusting and crumbling surfaces, 
  • Increasing the abrasion resistance of mineral based surfaces.