POLAN 700Pure Polyurea Coating and Waterproofing Material


Product Code: Comp A: 68220, Comp B: 68225


100% polyurea based, double component, flexible spray coating and waterproofing material with high reactivity. It can cover the cracks.  

Application Areas:


  • Indoor and outdoor,  
  • Residential buildings, shopping malls and business centers, 
  • Coating terraces, balconies and roofs, 
  • Waterproofing and coating of roads open to vehicular traffic, parking lot and garage floors, 
  • Waterproofing of canals, tunnels, pipelines, water tanks, potable water tanks, 
  • Industrial zones, factory floors, 
  • Protection of middle and large size parts in metal industry against corrosion, 
  • Coating of load bearing surfaces in commercial vehicles, 
  • Waterproofing of decorative pools and swimming pools.