Concrete and Mortar Admixtures


AQUAPLUS Waterproofing Mortar and Screed Admixture

Description: Mortar and screed admixture that allows ease of application by increasing waterproofing and workability of plaster and floor screeds. Application Areas:   Tunnels and channels, Water tanks, Indoor and outdoor plaster, Concrete blocks, Swimming pools, Floor...


AQUALATEX Mortar and Screed Admixture with Waterproofing and Bonding Properties

Description: Multi-purpose, liquid synthetic rubber emulsion which increase the adherence and waterproofing properties of the cement based mortars. Application Areas:   Concrete repairs, Plasters, Coverings resistant to abrasion, Increase adherance between old and new...


ANTIFREEZE 100 Concrete and Mortar Admixture for Anti-Frost

Description: Polynaphthalene sulfonate and nitrate salt based concrete and mortar admixture which increases the fluidity and accelerates the setting of the concrete in weather conditions when the risk of frost is high and gives resistance to the concrete against frost. Does not contain...