AQUAFIX LIKIT CConcentrated Crystallized Capillary Waterproofing Concrete Additive


Product Code: 30 kg: 62030 / 200 kg: 62200


Concentrated, crystallized waterproofing liquid additive that forms needle-tipped crystals in the capillary spaces and pores of the concrete in reaction with water, moisture and free lime into the concrete.


Application Areas:

  • All reinforced concrete structures exposed to chemicals that may damage the concrete such as water, moisture, sulfate and chloride ions, 
  • Foundation and curtain concrete, 
  • Wells, foundations and curtains, 
  • Water tanks and purification plants, 
  • Potable and waste water tanks, 
  • Elevator pits, 
  • Swimming pools, 
  • Dams and irrigation channels, 
  • Concrete pipes, 
  • Tunnels, subways and culverts, 
  • Cisterns, 
  • Retaining walls, 
  • Underground car parks, 
  • Precast concrete elements.