BİTÜMFİX ELASTIKBitumen Based Elastic Waterproofing Material - Solventborne


Product Code: 66116

Bayındırlık Poz No: 04.626/07C


Modified bitumen and solvent based, single component elastic waterproofing material. After the solvent in its content evaporates, it adheres strongly to the surface on which it is applied, forming an elastic and durable layer against water and humidity. Approximately 1000% elastic.

Application Areas:

  • Outdoor, 
  • Horizontal and vertical surfaces, 
  • Waterproofing the foundation and shear walls of reinforced concrete structures against ground moisture and seepage water, 
  • Retaining walls and curtain walls, 
  • Underneath the coatings in terrace insulation, 
  • Not recommended to use indoor.