Technical textile reinforcement produced made of carbon fiber, used in the reinforcement of historical buildings, with a special grid-shaped structure that increases adherence and bearing strength. It weights 240 – 300 – 370 gr/m2, it can easily be shaped with its soft yarn-like structure, and gains a rigid structure with the epoxy resins it is used with.

Application Areas:

  • Indoor and outdoor,
  • Restoration and repair of historical monuments,
  • increasing the carrying capacity of vaults, walls and domes of historical buildings,
  • Reinforcement of masonry walls,
  • Increasing safety measures in excavation areas,
  • Retrofitting of historical buildings in accordance with the original,
  • Ground stabilization,
  • Structural reinforcement of elements such as columns, beams and slabs.


  • Suitable for historical building.
  • Easy to apply, has a special adherence enhancing coating to work together with reinforcement mortars.
  • Used for floor and surface stabilization.
  • Flexible, provides resistance against tensile stresses.
  • No corrosion problem compared to steel.
  • Has very high chemical resistance.
  • Can be used more easily in applications with cement based products.